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Цель: Обобщить грамматический материал

Урок, проведённый в 5 классе

Тема: Camping

Цель: Обобщить грамматический материал (степени сравнения прил.)

Практиковать учащихся в употреблении изученных идиом и в аудировании, в устной речи

Нацелить учащихся на безопасное поведение в походе

Оборудование: картинки, игрушки, листочек с дерева, карточки


  1. Greeting: What’s the date today? What day is it today?

  2. Warming up: Look at the window. What season is it? Autumn is a beautiful season. The autumn months are September, October, November. In September the weather is usually fine. The sky is blue. The sun is shines brightly. It’s Indian Summer. Trees are wonderful. The leaves are red, yellow and green. They are fallen down slowly on the ground.

T-P The autumn is beautiful? What are the autumn months? When do we have Indian Summer? What’s the weather like at that time?

3. Phonetic Drill. (структуры разные с прил.в сравнит.и в превосход. степенях)

Hot, big, difficult, interesting……..

……as good as…..

……as big as…..

And so on.

  1. Обобщение степеней сравнения прил.

  1. what is longer? What is the longest? What is shorter a pen or a pencil?……(ввод с помощью игрушек и картинок)

  2. Which classroom is cleaner 22 or 23? And which is the cleanest? Who is the tallest? What is more interesting: to see film on TV or to go to the cinema?.............

  3. Игрушка яблоко.

The apple is as green as a cucumber

red a tomato

sweet sugar

not as… ……

  1. прилагательные - исключения

good - better - the best

bad - worst - the worst

many - more - the most

little - less - the least

  1. проговариваем хором

  2. проговариваем индивидуально

  3. тренировка

What is the best season of the year?

Who is the best pupil in your group? ......................

  1. Game: more or less

  2. Let’s check up ex. B p. 43 was it difficult?

  3. Idioms. (опрос)

9. Camping is fun

I hate camping

In my opinion…

Camping is wonderful, because…..

I don’t like……..

Food on the campfire is disgusting

I like to sleep in the tent


I like sitting near the campfire

I enjoy pick up some wood


I like to cook food on the campfire


Do you like when mosquitoes sit on your nose, on your face?

What do you put into your backpack when you go camping?

We put…….. into the backpack

When the weather is bad we need…….

10. Дом. задание: рассказ «Camping» Оценки.

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